Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dental Continuing Education Courses in Palm Beach County

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As a member of the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic for three decades, I would like to give my personal testimonial about this great organization, created and maintained through the years by volunteer dentists with the desire to help others.
When I graduated from dental school in 1980, I felt confident that I was adequately prepared to practice my profession.  Two years later, after serving as a commissioned officer for the Public Health Service in Indiantown, Florida, I opened my own office and settled as a general dentist in West Palm Beach, Florida, and I have been in private practice in the same location ever since.
Soon after I started practice, I realized that my dental school training was only a good foundation, and that I needed much more knowledge and training if I wanted to diagnose and treat my patients the best way possible.
I soon found out that training and continuing education courses were not cheap, and a new dental office with few patients coming in limited my spending on dental CE courses and travel expenses.
I was very fortunate that a group of visionary dentists in my area had created an organization called “AtlanticCoast Dental Research Clinic”.  The “Research Clinic”, as everybody calls it, was set up to offer continuing dental education courses to local and regional dentists that wanted to further their knowledge and training in all aspects of dentistry.
I have been privileged to be a member of the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic for almost three decades.  In all the courses that I have attended, I have been able to learn many modalities of general dentistry that I wasn’t taught in my dental school training.
In my solo practice, I have to work with limited interaction with fellow dentists, but my participation in the Research Clinic has allowed me to make friends, learn from colleagues that are experts in their field, and keep up with all the latest advances in dentistry. 
The Research Clinic has made me more knowledgeable and more confident in my ability to provide the best care available for my patients.  It is local, you don’t have any travel expenses, the courses are fully AGD accredited and the membership fees are very low.  They are very responsive to your input and want your participation.

If you are looking to further your knowledge and obtain additional training and skills in a particular procedure, I invite you to look at their website http://www.acdrc.com/courses-and-instructors/ browse through their courses and enroll in a course that interests you.  You won’t be disappointed.

West Palm Beach Dentist
Carlos Boudet, DDS DICOI

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