Thursday, December 20, 2012

Free Dental Care Day in West Palm Beach, Florida

Free Dental Services Day in West Palm Beach

From left to right: Marlen, Gladys,Yohanka, Jeannie and Dr Boudet
I have never been more proud of my office staff than I was today.  I can be a little demanding sometimes with office matters, and some of my ideas have met with some resistance before, but when I told everyone that I wanted to open the office for a whole day of free dental care to needy individuals in the community, everybody was supportive and excited about the idea of giving a little bit to others without expecting anything in return.

I consider myself lucky to have found these individuals because they help me make my day run smoother and allow me to still be in love with my work. 

My staff today worked non-stop and I saw a genuine interest in their eyes to help everyone and make them comfortable.  When we first got to the office and saw the lobby was full of people sitting around waiting to be seen I wondered whether we had bitten more than we could chew.  Then I saw my staff go to work without a word from me. 

Gladys became the patient coordinator and interviewed each person to determine what services they needed.  I did not think we could do it, but thanks to her great scheduling, at the end of the day we had seen 36 patients. 

Marlen was incredible and I have no idea how she could clean and setup the operatories, run the autoclave constantly to replenish the sterile instruments and assist chairside with the procedures. 

My wife Jeannie helped everywhere and kept things running smoothly taking radiographs and working in the front desk.

Our hygienist for a day, Yohanka, volunteered her Wednesday off to provide  cleanings and was very much appreciated by the patients and all of us.  She was a real asset, blended right in even though the cavitron leaked and she worked in an unfamiliar environment, all with a smile on her face.

Last but not least was the wonderful help that we received from periodontist Phil Kohn who worked side by side with us in the morning.  Phil is not only a great periodontist, but a great person as well.

I would also like to thank the media that helped spread the word and brought so many people to our door that made this day a success and made us at the end of the day a tired bunch of happy people.  Thanks to El Latino weekly newspaper and Channel 12 news!

Here is the channel 12 video coverage:

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Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy Christmas and new year!

Carlos Boudet, DDS DICOI
1840 Forest Hill Blvd Suite 204
West Palm Beach, Florida. 33406
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Free Dental Care Day

Free Dental Care Day in West Palm Beach
As a West Palm Beach Dentist our office has given away free dental care before and although it has been a very rewarding experience, we have found it very hard to select one individual to receive free dentistry from among the many that contact us.
This year we have decided to open the office December 19th to provide free dental care all day long to needy individuals.
The office will open at 8:30 AM for registration on a first come first served basis and will provide free dental services for those that cannot afford dental care.  Free dental services will be provided until 5:00 PM.
Our office is located at 1840 Forest Hill Blvd Suite 204 in West Palm Beach, FL  33406.
You can find additional information about our office at our website.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year.
Carlos Boudet, DDS, family and staff