Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Intraoral Scanning For Your Crown And Bridge Practice

Intraoral Scanning For Crown And Bridge

New and exciting technology and equipment is allowing the progressive dentist to take digital impressions of crowns and bridges instead of using the traditional tray full of impression paste that has to stay for a couple of minutes in the mouth while it hardens, and can elicit gagging in succeptible individuals.
The technique is preferred by patients in well documented studies and it is also very accurate, eliminating some steps in the conventional technique that could introduce distortion and errors.
The biggest obstacle that dentists have encountered when acquiring this new technology has been the cost of the equipment, as the new technology is very expensive, but things are changing.  Recently, new intraoral scanners have been introduced with a more affordable price tag, and this allows interested dentists to aquire the technology  with a smaller investment.
One question that concerns these dentists is the following:  What if after buying the equipment they find out that it is not for them?  All training on this type of equipment happens after the sale, so the dentist has to make the investment with the hope that he or she has made the right decision.
This is the reason why a new course has been developed that allows interested dentists to get hands-on participation and experience with this equipment without the need to purchase the equipment.  The course is called Intraoral Scanning For Your Crown And Bridge Practice and is being offered by the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic and Chaired by Dr. Carlos Boudet who has been involved in chairside scanning and Cad/Cam dentistry for many years.
Dentists attending the course will receive a maximum of 28 CE credits for attending the morning and afternoon sessions.  The program will allow the participating dentists to learn and use the equipment while treating actual patients that need crown and bridge work.
Interested dental professionals should go to the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic’s website and select the course from the course listings, where they will have the opportunity to register online.  They can also contact Dr. Boudet for any questions they may have about the course.