Saturday, December 26, 2009

Giving the gift of oral health

I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and finally made up my mind to do it.
I admit, I did not plan it carefully, or write it down or think about all the details until I had already started the ball rolling: I sent a small announcement in the form of an email to the two weekly Spanish newspapers in the community.
I basically announced that I was requesting letters and emails to be sent to my office, nominating a needy person for a Christmas gift from my office: The opportunity to have needed dental work at no cost to that person.
We quickly worked out some of the details, the deadline to receive the letters was December 15th and we would announce the selected individual on our website at December 25th.
We received many letters, and the decision to select one individual from so many deserving people was a hard one, but we have selected and notified that individual, and we will begin scheduling her much needed work in January.
Many thanks to all the people who sent their letters, and a special thanks to El Latino and La Palma weekly newspapers for their help in making the offer known to the Spanish community.
Best wishes, for happiness, prosperity and health from our team: Marlen,Gladys,Vivian,Jeannie and myself,
Carlos Boudet, DDS, FICOI