Friday, October 7, 2011

Dental Products Report - October 2011 [99]

Dental Products Report - October 2011 [99]

Dental Products Report has published an article by West Palm Beach Dentist Dr. Carlos Boudet on Dental Photography for case documentation and marketing in the dental office. The article is a condensed version of the original article with only a fraction of the original sample photographs. It was written to help motivate fellow dentists to document their cases using dental photography. Here is an excerpt:

After many years of sharing information with my colleagues I have noticed that the majority of dentists take very few photographs and don’t take time to document their work—even the interesting cases—with photographic records. In today’s economic and business environment, it has become a necessity to adequately promote your business, and I consider photography a very important part of that.
With this article, I would like to introduce a simple but effective way of documenting your cases with dental photography that will help you in many ways with your practice.
Photo documentationDental photography has two parts. Intraoral and extraoral photography, and you need some basic tools as follows:
1. A camera that allows you to take both full face or profile pictures and also intraoral close-up shots.2. Two sets of intraoral photographic mirrors and two sets of retractors. There should be one occlusal mirror and one lateral mirror in each set.

If you would like to read the full article, the condensed article can be viewed here:

or here:

The original article, including all the sample photographs can be seen at :


The article is available as a training tool for dentists enrolled in participation courses at the Altantic Coast Dental Research Clinic in West Palm Beach, Florida.