Friday, October 10, 2014

Have Questions? Call For A Free Consultation

Our office advertises free a consultation  about implants in order to let prospective patients get acquainted with us without any obligation.  

At the consultation appointment we meet the interested individual, answer their questions and are able to provide all the information that the person needs in order to make an educated decision about dental implants in a relaxed, no pressure environment.

Recently we had someone ask  this question about mini dental implants:
"Dr. Boudet, I have only a few teeth left in the front of my lower jaw and they are not very pretty to look at. Also some of them are loose.  Can I have them extracted and place mini implants to help hold a denture?"
This is a very good question and the answer deserves an explanation.
Mini implants are very appealing for several reasons;  the first one is price.  They are about half the cost of regular implants.  The next reason is that they are normally placed without surgery.  The most common reason to place mini implants is to help hold a lower denture in persons that have a loose denture.

In this particular person’s case, when the teeth are extracted, the roots will leave a hole in the bone the size of the extracted roots, This means that mini implants (which are about the width of a toothpick) would not have any bone where they could be placed until several months after the extractions, when the patient has healed and new bone has formed in those extraction sockets.
In this diagram you can see the size of the mini implant compared to the size of the root socket.
So in the case of a person that has had recent extractions, as you can see in the diagram, the only choice is to place regular diameter implants in the extraction sockets, or wait about six months for the bone to grow in the extraction sockets.
If you have any questions or would like more information about implants, please call our office at (561) 968 6022 and we would be delighted to help you.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Are You Happy And Comfortable With Your Dentures?

If Not, Implant Supported Dentures Are The Answer

Denture wearers do not like to talk about their dentures.  They have suffered all their  lives with dental problems, and now even after all the teeth are gone they still have problems.  Many are unable to chew the foods they like because they fear they will hurt their gums if they exert too much pressure on them in the process.  Others are embarrassed that their denture is loose and may cause embarrassment if it dislodges while speaking or eating.  Others rely on  denture adhesive that may help, but is very messy.

If you wear dentures and have not gone to the dentist in years, you may not be aware of the options that are available to help you feel comfortable with them.  Below is a video presentation that I use to show patients what options are available today to denture wearers to help them feel better with their dentures:

A complete denture is not the best option any longer for someone that lost all their  teeth.  Dental implants can now help the denture wearer feel comfortable and secure with their dentures.
For more information about how dental implants can help you feel better with your dentures or even get rid of removable dentures, please call our office and make an appointment to talk to Dr. Boudet.
The information you will receive may very well improve your quality of life.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mouthguards Are Important - The best ones are made by your dentist!

Playing sports is an activity that promotes a healthy body, enjoyed by parents as much as children and promotes better social interaction among your peers.

As a dentist I am very aware of the need to educate my patients in the use of mouthguards when someone in the family is involved in active sports.
It is so sad when I see a young child that has broken a brand new virgin permanent tooth from some trauma to the mouth when playing sports.  And this happens often.

I believe strongly that children and adults participating in sports should get a professionally  made mouthguard to protect their teeth from accidental injury.

Here is some information about mouthguards.  There are three types:

  1. Prefabricated
  2. Formed in the mouth
  3. Custom made mouthguards

The prefabricated mouthguard is the least expensive of the three types described, but it is bulky and uncomfortable, and therefore it does not get worn.  It is not very popular and may be difficult to find anyplace selling them (they are not recommended).

The second choice is a mouthguard that is formed in the mouth.  It is usually obtained at sporting goods and department stores, and provides a silicone tray blank that you need to immerse in hot water until moldable, and then place in your mouth while it is soft and attempt to mold it while it is in the mouth.
This type gives some protection and is less expensive than the custom fitted mouthguard, but it is still bulkier, does not fit accurately, may interfere with breathing and is unfomfortable to wear.

The third type, the custom mouthguard is the best fitting and the most comfortable to wear.  It is also the one that affords the most protection to the teeth in the event of a blow to the mouth or face.  It is usually made by a dentist after taking a mold of the person’s teeth.  This is the most expensive of the three, but if protection and comfort is important, it is the one to get.

I urge all parents to talk to their dentist and find out how easy it is to get a custom made mouthguard for any family member involved in sports.

Carlos Boudet, DDS
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cerec Crowns in One Day - Affordable Porcelain Crowns in One Visit

In the past decade, there has been many great advanced in the field of Dentistry.  Probably the greatest of these has been implementation of the CAD/CAM technology in the dental office.
CAD/CAM is a process that utilizes Computer Aided Design (CAD),  and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) to fabricate many items.
CAD/CAM technology is used in Dentistry   to fabricate dental work such as crowns and bridges.
A crown is a very common restoration in dentistry that is done when a tooth is broken or damaged or weakened by decay and covers the tooth completely in an attempt to protect it from further damage.
Before CAD/CAM was available in dentistry, crowns were made by hand in a dental laboratory with a process that took about two weeks.  About three decades ago, dental laboratories began using CAD/CAM systems to make crowns and now the majority of crowns made today are made using the CAD/CAM process.
The Cerec CAD/Cam system was developed to allow dentists to fabricate inlays and crowns for their patients in one visit.  It is the oldest and most advanced chairside CAD/CAM  system in the dental industry today with 28 years of research and development behind it.
Dentists that use the Cerec system in their office are able to provide a porcelain crown to their patients in one visit instead of two.  In order to fully understand the benefits, lets compare the conventional crown to the Cerec crown.

For the conventional crown’s first appointment (most commonly a PFM or porcelain fused to metal crown) the dentist:
1.       Gives an injection to anesthetize the tooth
2.       Prepares the tooth for a crown
3.       Takes an impression with a tray filled with impression paste
4.       Fabricates a temporary acrylic crown to cover the prepared tooth
5.       Cements the crown with a temporary cement
6.       Appoints the patient for a second visit in two weeks
At the second visit the dentist:
1.       Gives an injection to anesthetize the tooth again
2.       Removes the temporary crown
3.       Tries the crown to verify the fit
4.       Cements the crown
5.       Checks the bite and the crown is done

For the Cerec crown the dentist:
1.       Gives an injection to anesthetize the tooth
2.       Prepares the tooth for a crown
3.       Takes a digital impression of the prepared tooth and the bite
4.       Uses a computer to design the crown to optimal specifications
5.       Polishes or glazes crown
6.       Cements the crown, checks the bite and the crown is done
Some of the most important advantages of the Cerec system are:
·         Time savings – Eliminates the second appointment
·         Avoids loose temporaries and extra appointments for recementing temporaries
·         Avoids sensitivity sometimes present while using temporaries
·         All porcelain crown eliminates the dark margin seen in PFM crowns at the gumline
·         Crowns are bonded for better marginal seal with less chance of sensitivity
·         All porcelain crown looks better and more natural than a PFM crown
·         Extremely precise with a reported accuracy of 50 microns

The only reason this technology is not present in every dental office is cost.  The initial investment in the necessary equipment is over $100,000.00 and requires additional expenditures in training and maintenance contracts. 
As more companies begin manufacturing this type of equipment and the price lowers due to competition,  I predict that there will be present in every dental office in the future.
For now, if you need a good looking all-porcelain crown done in one day and the West Palm Beach area is accessible to you, we would be happy to provide this service for you.
Please call our office to reserve an appointment at Call 561-968-6022
Respectfully yours,

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Article Published - Platelet Rich Fibrin in Mesh Exposure Repair

Dentistry Today magazine has published another article by West Palm Beach Dentist Carlos Boudet, DDS documenting a case related to bone grafting and the use of growth factors in autologous blood platelet concentrates.
The title of the article is "Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Mesh Exposure Repair", and it presents a case report where a large bone defect from the extraction of an infected tooth was grafted using a titatium mesh "cage" to contain and protect the graft. The graft augmented both the width and the height of the ridge, and is less predictable than grafting after an extraction.   A premature exposure of the mesh that could have resulted in the failure of the graft was corrected by the use of PRF membranes made from the patient's own blood.
The PRF procedure concentrates growth factors present in the blood platelets that promote accelerated healing of the surgical wound.
If you don't get the magazine, you can read the full article in the January issue of Dentistry Today here:
or here:

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Adventures (Tribulations) As A Webmaster

Ok, this has nothing to do with adventures, but I like colorful titles and I am a webmaster who went through some tribulations recently.
I have spent a lot of hours on the computer lately (I already spend enough hours on it). 
A couple of days ago my website was infected with a malicious script that redirected you to a site that had been banned by google, so anyone who searched in google and clicked on my site was told "VISITING THIS SITE MAY HARM YOUR COMPUTER".  Here is what the computer screen would show:

My scripting knowledge is very limited, and I could not find anything wrong.  I actually thought that Google had confused harmless code for malicious code in their scan.  I first recruited the help of the website template designers, but they were not able to help.  They couldn't find anything wrong with the code.  Then I purchased a scanner service from my hosting company, which told me the same information that I already had received from Google, basically the pages that were infected with the code.  I needed help identifying the actual code that was triggering the warning, but did not know how or where to look. 
I had read some information on how to find and clean the code in the internet, but was getting nowhere and loosing patients due to the Google warning and my inability to fix this.
Finally I asked Mike Boudet which is an SEO and PPC specialist, but has amazing knowledge and skills list.  Mike was able to not only find the malicious code in minutes, but also tell me where to find it and how to get rid of it. Thanks to his help I was able to find all instances of the offending code and delete it..
I am happy to report that google has re-scanned my site and has lifted the warning.
Thanks Mike, I could not have done it without you!

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