Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Free Dental Care Day 2013

I admit I am a worrier.  I wondered how this year's Free Dental Care Day would be.  Would it be as successful as last years event?  Last year we saw 31 patients and did a lot of dentistry.
Well, I would like to report that this year's Free Dental Care Day was very successful also.
Of the four dental offices that offered free dentistry, two of them decided to do their services by appointment while the other two thought that using a first come - first serve basis would allow them to see more patients.
That was the way we did it last year and we decided to do it the same way again.
At the end of the day we were exhausted but very happy.  We considered ourselves very lucky to be able to provide very needed services to those that requested it without requiring anything in return.
Here is a picture of our caring team taken by our last patient before she left.

I have to point something out in this picture now.   That nice lady at the left is Lucy, the godmother of our oldest son.  She is an outstanding hygienist and a wonderful person, and she came all the way from Miami to provide much needed dental cleanings.  Thank you Lucy! You are the greatest!
Dr. Phil Kohn also joined us in the morning and we and the patients were extremely thankful for his help which made the morning run very smoothly.
I can't say enough about the girls in green in the middle.  
Jeannie, my love, I adore you for putting up with me at work and at home. I bet today brought back some memories from when you were a dental assistant for Dr. Higer 
Gladys, you are the greatest, all the patients love you.  I don't know how you did it, but you turned caos in the morning into an organized and very efficiently planned day for us.
And Marlen,  You are an amazing person.  You did not stop one minute, you made it look as if we had an endless supply of freshly autoclaved instruments, and then always ready to help chairside.
I hope the other offices had the same experience we did, and want to thank everyone for their participation. 
I know our contribution is insignificant compared to the need, but it made us feel good.
I would like to wish everyone happy holidays, health and prosperity for the new year.

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