Monday, July 14, 2014

Are You Happy And Comfortable With Your Dentures?

If Not, Implant Supported Dentures Are The Answer

Denture wearers do not like to talk about their dentures.  They have suffered all their  lives with dental problems, and now even after all the teeth are gone they still have problems.  Many are unable to chew the foods they like because they fear they will hurt their gums if they exert too much pressure on them in the process.  Others are embarrassed that their denture is loose and may cause embarrassment if it dislodges while speaking or eating.  Others rely on  denture adhesive that may help, but is very messy.

If you wear dentures and have not gone to the dentist in years, you may not be aware of the options that are available to help you feel comfortable with them.  Below is a video presentation that I use to show patients what options are available today to denture wearers to help them feel better with their dentures:

A complete denture is not the best option any longer for someone that lost all their  teeth.  Dental implants can now help the denture wearer feel comfortable and secure with their dentures.
For more information about how dental implants can help you feel better with your dentures or even get rid of removable dentures, please call our office and make an appointment to talk to Dr. Boudet.
The information you will receive may very well improve your quality of life.

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