Thursday, April 30, 2015

Free Dentistry Day 2015 at the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic

The Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic, located in the Lake Worth Campus of the Palm Beach State College, Held its First Annual Free Dentistry Day April 29th 2015 and provided basic dental services totally free of charge to the community.
More than a dozen dentists volunteered their time to provide these services. 
Many individuals were not able to receive services due to the fact that only a limited number of persons could be seen that day.
I would like to praise and recognize the dental assisting students at Palm Beach State College that helped the doctors provide these services.  They were the backbone of the operation. They were highly relied upon for every aspect of these services, registration, routing,triage, infection control, and patient care.  AND THEY SHINED!!!
This is also a great reflection of the quality and dedication of the faculty of the dental assisting program.
It is also worth mentioning that this event probably would not have taken place without the initiative of   Colleen Bradshaw,  Chair of the Dental Assisting Program, who suggested the idea.
I can honestly say that everybody that I talked to that participated (and I talked to a lot of people) felt enriched by the experience of giving.

My deepest thanks to all.

Carlos Boudet, DDS
Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic President

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